Inc 500 Conference

Inc 500 Conference

- Mon, 2012-10-08

 Wow! I just came off an amazing week at the Inc 500 conference in Phoenix, Arizona. We were so honored to be selected as one of the Inc 500 Fastest Growing Companies in America. The conference speakers were absolutely amazing. One of my favorites was Simon Sinek, author of 'Start With Why'. His message is so simple and yet so overlooked in business today. Customers don't want to know 'what' you're selling... they want to know 'why' they should buy or what value your product will give them. When I first heard Simon speak at TED Seattle 3 years ago, I was inspired to put our mission statement, 'Peace of Mind for your Digital Lifestyle', on the top of our homepage. I truly believe this is the 'why' behind what we do. In today's world, we all live and die by our mobile technology. If the handle on my laptop bag breaks, and my laptop hits the ground with a thud, I want to know I'm not going to have to spend a day and lots of $$ at the Apple store getting it fixed. With our patented protection system and commitment to quality, Brenthaven cases and laptop bags keep you connected to your digital lifestyle. This is what we're all about and it's something all of us at Brenthaven are passionate about delivering to our customers.
As one of the sponsors of the event, we gave a Brenthaven laptop bag to each of the attendees. Standing at our booth, no less than 100 participants at the event came up to us and thanked us for the bag. I heard things like 'I'm actually going to USE this bag, not throw it away at the airport' and 'this is the best event bag EVER'. In my role, I'm often the guy behind the scenes, supporting our team out of our Seattle HQ. It was such a joy to get to interact with our customers and hear their rave reviews about the quality, protection and innovation they see in our products. I came away energized and inspired to make more cool products, and take more opportunities like this to get out and spend time with our fans!
Many thanks to the team at Inc for putting on such a great event.



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