BX2™ Focus Convertible Shoulder Case  

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The BX2™ Focus Convertible Shoulder Case is a mid-sized shooting bag designed for speed and comfort that quickly converts to a belt pack. Our BX2™Xtreme Foam offers the ultimate in drop protection for your valuable camera gear. This shoulder bag is perfect for those seeking a dual-function protective case.

This pack offers two modes – wear as a shoulder bag or pull out the stow-away hip pads and use as a belt pack for hands free mobility. For an ergonomic fit and increased stability, wear the waist belt and shoulder strap combined. The side loops on the waist belt also allow for modular attachment of extra lens cases, adding to overall storage capacity. Additionally, the top lid opens away from the body for easy work-out-of-bag access during a shoot. Other features include a tethered LED light for low light conditions and a water resistant Speed Zip opening, which allows quick access to lens/flash. This bag also includes a stow away weather cover, anti-abrasion material on the base, and our 100% Lifetime Guarantee.

The BX2 Focus Convertible Shoulder Case is a great choice for photographers who need a medium sized shooting bag with easy access and best protection. Choose the Large Shoulder Bag for assignments that require more gear.


    • Fits standard DSLR camera with up to 4.4” lens attached
    • Holds 2-3 pro lenses, including 70-200 mm f/2.8 with hood reversed, and flash/accessories
    • BX2™ Xtreme Foam offers the ultimate in drop protection
    • Tethered LED light for low light conditions
    • Water resistant Speed Zip top opening for quick access to lens/flash
    • Stow away waist belt/hip pads with modular lens case attach loops
    • Side zippered and flap pockets for lens cap/cords/accessories
    • Adjustable/removable compartment dividers allow for customized gear storage
    • Removable padded shoulder strap with lightweight, anti-glare, hardware rated to 160 lbs
    • Stow away weather cover provides full coverage protection from the elements
    • Custom molded comfort grip top carry handle
    • Durable, water-resistant body material repels moisture
    • Gray body material stays cool in direct sunlight on a long shoot
    • Plush interior lining protects camera from scratches
    • Anti-abrasion base material protects gear in rugged conditions
    • Lightweight design
    • 100% Lifetime Guarantee


Technical Specifications

  • Name: BX2™ Focus Convertible Shoulder Case
  • Model #: 1701
  • Weight: 2.2 lb.
  • External Dimensions: 9.5" W x 14" L x 10" D
  • Internal Dimensions: 8.5" W x 12.5" L x 9" D

The BX2 Protection system incorporates unique high performance foam that offers an extremely high degree of shock absorption and energy dispersion, providing unparalleled drop and impact protection.

BX2™ Focus Convertible SC
100% Lifetime Guarantee, Free Shipping*


Best/Only Waist Bag with Shoulder Strap


This is one good bag. I've been using a Mountain Hardware fanny pack for my camera equipment for years. Has the waist strap and shoulder belt. But it's not a camera bag. The camera and extra lens were always swaddled in t-shirts, fleece, etc. to protect from shocks. OK, so now I have professional equipment and I wanted to get a good camera bag. First tried the Lowepro Toploader Pro
75 AW... Great bag. Nicely designed with plenty of little pockets and well made. BUT, only has a shoulder strap, no waist strap. So after hours of walking you feel the strap on your shoulder digging in. Plus, when you have a Canon 70-300mm L lens on the body, no room for a second lens. So that went back. After hunting around for a while, the ONLY protected camera bag that can be worn as a fanny pack or a simply by a shoulder strap is this one.
3 way carry system: 1st Way: Use bag as a shoulder bag only. Can quickly swing bag around to front to open and pull out camera. 2nd Way: Use bag as a fanny pack only. Removes pressure from shoulder and transfers weight to your hip area. 3rd Way: Combined shoulder and fanny straps. Better balance, more secure when climbing trails. Adds stability to load. Space: Able to fit a Canon 5d MKIII with attached70-300mm L and 24-105mm L F4 in main compartment. There’s a zipper access on the lid that is suppose to allow you to remove the camera without opening the lid completely. If you have a pro camera (full frame) forget about trying to get the camera out this way. MAYBE you can to prove yea, you can, but it’s faster to simply unzip the lid, open it, and remove.
Attachments: The waist belt, which folds back into a zippered pocket when not being used, has attachment points on each side for an optional lens case, so you can have one lens case on each side if you’d like. Currently, there’s only one type of lens case available. It’s well made. It fits and secures nicely on the belt. But is short by about an inch for the Canon 70-300mmL lens, and is too narrow for the 24-105mm F4 L lens with lens hood in the reversed position. Brenthaven tells me an expandable lens case is coming out in April, 2014 which I’ll probably get since I want more room in the main case compartment for hiking things like rain jacket, compass, etc.
Cons: These are very minor.
LID: Folds outward from you (hinged part away from you) is good since the lid closes toward you, not away from you. This way, when bag is opened, you have clear access to contents. BUT, this disallows Brenthaven from having a quick release buckle since the buckle would be on your body side and either dig into your side, or be hard to access. A quick release buckle is good when you
want the lid zipper to be completely opened for quick access. All you have to do then is unclip buckle and lid is opened. Putting a quick release buckle on the ends would necessitate two, one on each end to keep lid closed.
Quick Access Zipper:
This zipper, in lid, is a fine idea, for small thin camera bodies. Anything bigger requires too much pulling to get camera out. Quick release buckle system would be better.
HANDLE: There’s a stiff, stand up carry handle on top of the lid. It’s good that it stands up since you can quickly grab it. It’s bad that it stands up since, well, it stands up and looks a bit goofy IMHO. Plus, the added material does add a bit more weight. A simple flat material handle would be fine.
So if you’re like me, who’s out for many hours, hikes, goes on long walks, and will be carrying 12 to 15 lbs of camera equipment and other stuff, get this bag. Yea it costs a bit, but it’s the only bag that: has good room but is not too big, can be carried as a shoulder bag and/or as a fanny pack (to transfer weight off shoulder) and is made extremely well.

Move me from "new" to "loyal" customer


I purchased your BX2 just prior to traveling through Vietnam and Cambodia. Your bag has already saved my expensive photo gear several times. While riding on the back of a motorbike to the Cambodian border, I took a spill. My BX2 bag took a big hit, but everything inside was OK. Travel in this part of Asia can be rough, but my BX2 was up to the task. For security, I like the belt strap and shoulder strap combo. Lightweight, easy access from the top, and more compartments than any photographer will ever need. I used the side pockets for a point-and-shoot and a small video camera. The front pocket I use for batteries, chargers, cards, etc. This bag has an incredible amount of room. The rain shield came in handy here in Southeast Asia. An awesome bag for anyone on the move! Move me from "new" to "loyal" customer.

Great Features!


I can't decide if my favorite part of this bag is the easy access zipper opening on the top or the neat L.E.D light that the designers creatively added. So many useful features, I can tell that this bag was designed with the help of a photographer or two. The waist strap is very comfortable and sits easily on my hips, buts it great that there's a shoulder strap as well for more support. Top the case off with the rainfly and its just about perfection.

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