Tred Sleeve  

Price: $49.95

FITS: Macbook Pro 13.3", Chromebook Pixel


Brenthaven's Tred Sleeve for MacBook provides maximum protection for your MacBook 13.3"/MacBook Air and Chromebook Pixel. Weighing just over a pound, it has rigid wall frames and 6-sides of padding. Updated with riveted handles and a rubberized bottom, this case provides ultimate durability and protection. It features a removable back pouch ideal for accessories and your AC adaptor.

Fits your MacBook and MacBook Air 13.3", Chromebook Pixel



    • Fits MacBook Air/MacBook 13.3", Chromebook Pixel
    • Real panel is optimized for K-12 and includes identification card window, removable accessory pouch perfect for chargers and adaptors, and durable, low profile webbed handle
    • Soft, anti-scratch interior lining
    • Optional shoulder strap attached to D-rings that are flush with the rear panel
    • Durable, non-skid trim protects against abrasion
    • CORETM Protection System offers 6-sided protection
    • 100% Lifetime Guarantee


Technical Specifications

  • Name: Tred Sleeve
  • Model #: 2439
  • Weight: 1.3 lb.
  • External Dimensions: 10.5" W x 14.5" H x 1.5 " D
  • Internal Dimensions: 12.75" W X 9" H x 1"

Brenthaven’s patented CORE™ Protection System wraps your laptop in high-density protective foam. Flexible bow shaped forms at either end of the laptop compartment automatically adjust to allow a snug fit for any size laptop. Patent ID #7,549,535.

Tred Sleeve


Customer Service At Its Best


We have MacBooks in our School, which see all kinds of use concerns, but the Trek Sleeve has proven itself time and again it can take the use. But when the handles or zippers broke all I had to do was take some photos, submit a form and we had new cases in our hands in two weeks. That is Customer Service at its best. Thanks Brenthaven for making it simple to do business with. Looking to doing more with you in the near future.



I've always wanted a Brenthaven, but never had an absolute need to upgrade my shoulder sleeves (other than when I added my Mac Pro from work, which came from IT with a supplied bag). Then I purchased a 13" Toshiba Portege R835 and wanted to protect my new super-light (3.2#) and long-battery life (7-8 real hours) investment. [NOTE: I only mention these numbers if there are Mac fans out there who have to pick up a PC for some reason.] Myreason? I just can't afford my own Pro for personal use... Anyhow, this is THE bag for the 13" Toshiba. Super light, super tough, super padded. It is the BEST BUY out there for the money. Period. Need extra gizmos and space? Get a different Brenthaven. But this one is absolutely PERFECT to protect a Mac Pro or Portege if (1) you plan to carry it inside another bag, or (2) you just want a minimalist bag. The Portege is exactly the same size as the Pro except for 1/2" less in the width.



At our school, everyone from 4th grade to the academy is issued an Apple MacBook computer. Year after year (since 2004-2005), it's been Brenthaven Trek MacBook sleeves wrapping up every iBook and MacBook, and as a student I can see why! The black exterior is rugged, hard to scratch, and hard to rip. The plastic inside shell protects the computer from daily drops, and the interior is squishy--snugly holding in the laptop.

Very Good Sleeve


Fits so snugly, lining is very thick to protect your precious MacBook Pro, accessory pocket fits a USB wireless modem, external HDD, MacBook power adapter and cord, earphones ..... Very portable, material and construction are very robust, and chic !

Uniformly Stylish and Practical


I just recently bought a 13 inch unibody Macbook Pro. I looked and debated for weeks on the perfect MacBook case to protect it and yet stylishly accessorize the MP. I settled on Brenthaven because it was recommended by MacPro users as a very secure, top of the line MacBook case. I'm not disappointed! It fits my 13 inch Pro like a dream! It's so snug that it's even hard to get out. The selling point of the MacBook case for me was that it comes with a built-in external pouch for a magazine, the power cord, and a ipod/cell phone. All the other MacBook cases I looked at had nowhere to put the accessories I knew I would bring with me on a trip. Another plus is that it comes with handles and grips for a carrying strap which can be bought separately. I'm very happy with my purchase.

Great Buy!


It took me a while to decide through the millions of MacBook cases on the website, which would be best for me. I got this MacBook sleeve and I think I made a great buy. It's sturdy, light weight, fits the old MacBook like a glove and it has a compartment for fitting the charger and other stuff in. Also has a mini-sleeve for papers/folders etc. It's especially great because it easily fits into a backpack or large purse, but it can also be carried on its own, in your hand...or you can sling it across your shoulders if you have a strap that fits into it.

Price is Amazingly Low


Like some have said, this is a bit more than a MacBook sleeve -- it has a solid/rigid build (such that it can hold its own shape/form without there being a laptop inside), and thicker padding than most MacBook sleeves. The extra padding adds a bit more bulk, but this has not been a problem for me since it stays in my backpack all day. I bought this MacBook case for the new 13.3'' Macbook Pros that just came out, and the fit is just perfect. I also like the vertical orientation so that I can easily take the MacBook out of the MacBook sleeve without taking the sleeve out of my backpack first. Plus, the price is amazingly low.

So far I'm Very Happy


The reason I got a small laptop is for portability, so I didn't want a huge bag with a bunch of pockets. This MacBook sleeve fits the bill. The Brenthaven Trek Sleeve for MacBook is very lightweight, but strong. The Macbook Pro 13.3" fits snug and secure, with hard sides on front, back, bottom, and thick padding on all 3 remaining sides (L&R sides & top). The back zipper pocket is large enough to fit a charger, iPod, and not much else (what I wanted). The open sleeve between the zipper pocket and the main MacBook sleeve is a good size for a few papers or a magazine. There are D-rings on the sides for a shoulder strap, but no included strap (although you can purchase one separately). Not an issue for me, and if someone wanted a shoulder strap, most of us have a few lying around. I like the ID card slot on the side, but it is mesh and not wide enough for a business card. The mesh makes it hard to read small print. Time will tell if I like a bag oriented along the long side vs. the standard. So far I'm very happy with this MacBook sleeve.

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