Tred Sleeve + Tred Hardshell Folio Combo  

Price: $54.95



Get the most protective solution for your iPad by combining the Tred Hardshell Folio with the Tred Sleeve.  The Hardshell Folio is designed to fit inside the Tred Sleeve for added protection. 

Fits iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Air, iPad mini & mini w/ Retina display


    • Combination pack fits iPad 2 & iPad w/ retina display
    • Hardshell Folio fits perfectly into Trek Sleeve
    • Doubled protection
    • Offers usability of a folio (with two viewing modes) as well as padded protection from a sleeve
    • Enhanced corner protection
    •  Lifetime Guarantee

Technical Specifications

  • Name: Tred Sleeve + Tred Hardshell Folio Combo
  • Model #: 2445
  • Weight: 0.8 lb.
  • External Dimensions: 8.5"w x 10.625" h x 1.25" d
  • Questions & Answers

    Does this case fit all versions of the iPad?
    No, this case is custom fit for the iPad 2 & 3 but not the original iPad.


Brenthaven’s patented CORE™ Protection System wraps your laptop in high-density protective foam. Flexible bow shaped forms at either end of the laptop compartment automatically adjust to allow a snug fit for any size laptop. Patent ID #7,549,535.

Tred Sleeve + Folio Combo


100% Satisfied


I had an amazing transaction that I would love to share with you that makes me feel confident that Brenthaven is the only place I will go for my computer cases in the future. I've purchased two MacBook Pro cases from you before that are still in use and that have kept my prized computers in tip-top shape. Even though I am an avid cyclist that commutes 10km everyday and I just toss these computers in their bags into a bigger backpack that I ride with, I've never seen so much as a scratch on those computers. When I was looking for a new iPad case for the iPad my wife gifted to me, I turned to your site immediately and decided upon the Trek Sleeve for iPad, since it matched my previous MBP cases in protection. I was hoping to get the case as soon as possible and emailed some of your staff to confirm this. I finally sent the order in on Thursday afternoon. I then prepared for a 2-week shipping time, which seems to be the norm when I get items from the US shipped here to Canada. So, in the meantime I bought this cheap $20 piece of junk sleeve to bide my time. No sooner had I got to opening the sleeve to use this morning (Monday) did the FedEx guy arrive at my door with the new Trek Sleeve!!! I was amazed. Even with a Good Friday long weekend, somehow the case had made it to me in less than 4 days! Now, I totally understand that I just may have been lucky in this circumstance with shipping times, but in addition, the case is absolutely 100% exactly what I wanted. A protective case without too much excess bulk. It fits the iPad perfectly, even with the smart cover and an extra plastic shell that I have on the back. I can use the shoulder straps that I have from my laptop bags perfectly with my new iPad case. And I feel confident about carrying my iPad around now! And best of all, I can return that cheap piece of junk sleeve for a refund! All of these amazing positive conditions have just left me glowing and so I wanted to congratulate the whole team on an amazing job! I am 100% satisfied and will continue to be a loyal Brenthaven customer that will be happy to recommend you guys to others too.

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