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Fits iPad w/ Retina Display
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Fits All iPad Versions

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Fits iPad 2 & Retina
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Brenthaven iPad Sleeves

You can be confident that your iPad will be well protected in a Brenthaven sleeve for iPad. All Brenthaven sleeves feature our HDFTM (high density foam) protection system which wraps your iPad in multiple layers of high-density foam. Should you drop your iPad, you have a good chance it will survive the fall in a Brenthaven sleeve. While inside the sleeve for iPad, the screen is kept scratch-free and clean with a soft faux-fur liner and zip closure that ensures full 6-sided protection. The new iPad sleeves are custom fit to the device and will come in a variety of colors, suitable for any user.

Take your iPad everywhere you go with Brenthaven’s ultra portable sleeves for iPad. The slim design and lightweight form allow for users to easily slip the iPad sleeves inside a larger bag or briefcase for twice the protection.

For consumers who find sleeve transportation problematic we will also offer iPad sleeves featuring our EZ-GripTM handle protection system. Brenthaven’s patent-pending EZ-GripTM handle offers a carrying solution with a convenient hand-strap attached to the back of the sleeve for iPad. Simply slide your hand through the EZ-GripTM handle while carrying the iPad sleeve to ensure a firm clasp and protection against unnecessary drops.

Brenthaven iPad sleeves are made from a variety of materials. Some sleeves for iPad will be made from durable Ballistic Nylon, which has high tensile strength that will keep it looking food for years to come. The Ballistic Nylon sleeves for iPad feature a water resistant external coating although they are not completely waterproof. Other iPad sleeves will feature our environmentally friendly neoprene alternative, Ecco-prene. The Ecco-prene sleeves for iPad are PVC-free, Toulene-free and 100% recyclable (unlike most Neoprene materials out there). The hardware on Brenthaven iPad Cases is extremely durable and tested to withstand up to 250 lbs of pressure.

Brenthaven is committed to achieving Zero ImpactTM on our environment. Our strategy for achieving this is three-fold. First, we strive to build iPad sleeves that will last a lifetime. We craft our iPad sleeves from the finest materials to ensure they are durable. Second, we do what we can to reduce our carbon footprint. For example, our employees are encouraged (and in fact paid!) to take public transportation to work. Finally, we look to ‘offset what we can not’ by making annual investments back into non-profits that are doing good things for the environment. For example, this year we donated several thousand dollars to Washington Green Schools, an organization that is helping schools throughout the state of Washington bring environmental thinking to their operations and curriculum. Feel good carrying a Brenthaven iPad sleeve!

Like all Brenthaven products the iPad sleeves feature our legendary Lifetime Guarantee and warranty. Should you ever encounter any issues with your Brenthaven case for iPad we will promptly repair/replace your product, no questions asked.

Brenthaven iPad Folios

The Brenthaven iPad folios feature a finished cover with a rubberized back, as well as an elastic strap for closure. The iPad folios provide a stylish sleeve alternative while still offering full coverage of the e-reader. The folios for iPad will come in a variety of colors and have excellent corner protection. The folios for iPad will allow for device usage while inside the case with custom cutouts for all iPad ports and multiple viewing options.

The book-like design of the Brenthaven iPad folios makes keeping up with reading a breeze and provides stability when holding and using the device. The versatile viewing options of Brenthaven iPad folios allow users to integrate their tablets and e-readers into a variety of day-to-day activities, from sharing pictures and presentations to watching movies on the go. We know that in today’s fast paced business world mobility is key; the folios for iPad are ideal for transporting the e-reader to and from the office. You can have peace of mind that your iPad is protected in its Brenthaven iPad folio during your commute.

If you're looking for a sleeve for iPad or folio for iPad, Brenthaven has a large selection of cases available. The price of iPad cases by Brenthaven will range between $29.95 - $49.95.

ProStyle™ iPad Sleeve, $34.95

The ProStyleTM iPad Sleeve from Brenthaven features our patent-pending EZ-Grip™ handle. Slip your hand through the handle and grip the bottom of the bag to ensure the iPad sleeve doesn’t slip out of your hand while on the go. The exterior of this iPad sleeve is made with durable Brenthaven Micro-Ballistic nylon that will look great for many years to come. The liner is made with a quilted faux-fur liner material that just feels like the right place to put your beloved iPad.

Here are some reviews from recent consumers who bought the ProStyleTM iPad sleeve:

‘I love my new ProStyle iPad Sleeve. I have three kids five and under and a rather large staircase. Carrying more than I should is business as usual, so when the iPad is added to the load, the EZ-Grip™ handle is indispensable. I previously used a competitor's neoprene cover, but after one too many close calls balancing books, bottles, toys, and laundry with the iPad, I knew I had to find an alternative. This is my first Brenthaven purchase, and I'm a believer. All the materials are of the highest quality, and the build is perfect. You can slip your hand in the EZ-Grip, add anything else to your armload, and you know the iPad isn't going anywhere.’

‘This is a great iPad sleeve for my iPad 2. It fits perfectly with the smart cover attached. The iPad sleeve well padded and my iPad feels secure and safe. I especially like the carrying strap on the back of the iPad sleeve! The quality of materials is great and it feels like it will hold up through wear and tear. Overall this was the best iPad sleeve I have found for the price. I would definitely buy it again or recommend it to anyone with an iPad 1 or iPad 2.’

Trek Sleeve for iPad

The Trek Sleeve for iPad is designed for the consumer who wants an indestructible sleeve for their iPad. This sleeve features our CORE™ protection system which is made with a combination of high-density foam and Plasticore. This is our highest level of protection. The iPad sleeve comes with a removable accessory pouch which attaches to the back of the Trek sleeve. This is the perfect place for an A/C adaptor and other small items you might want to carry on the commute or to the coffee shop.

Here are some recent reviews from users of the Trek Sleeve for iPad:

‘Fits so snugly, lining is very thick to protect your precious iPad, accessory pocket fits a USB wireless modem, external HDD, power adapter and cord, earphones ..... Very portable, material and construction are very robust, and chic! Thanks Brenthaven.’

‘I just recently bought an iPad 2. I looked and debated for weeks on the perfect iPad sleeve to protect it and yet stylishly accessorize. I settled on Brenthaven because Apple users recommended it as a very secure, top of the line iPad sleeve. I'm not disappointed! It fits my iPad 2 like a dream! The selling point of the iPad sleeve for me was that it comes with a built-in external pouch for a magazine, the power cord, and an ipod/cell phone. All the other iPad sleeves I looked at had nowhere to put the accessories I knew I would bring with me on a trip. Another plus is that it comes with handles and grips for a carrying strap which can be bought separately. I'm very happy with my purchase.’ 

‘It took me a while to decide through the millions of iPad sleeves on the website, which would be best for me. I got this iPad sleeve and I think I made a great buy. It's sturdy, lightweight, fits the iPad like a glove and it has a compartment for fitting the charger and other stuff. It's especially great because it easily fits into a backpack or large purse, but it can also be carried on its own, in your hand...or you can sling it across your shoulders if you have a strap that fits into it.’

For any immediate questions about iPad cases, iPad sleeves and other Brenthaven products, please contact us directly at [email protected].

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