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iPad Cases

Beautifully designed with usability in mind, iPad sleeves and cases are custom fit for iPad and provide full-sided corner and edge protection.

Brenthaven iPad sleeves, cases, folios and tech packs are crafted with superior protection and innovative features designed for the digital lifestyle. The padded interior of Brenthaven iPad cases absorbs impact and prevent scratching, providing unparalleled protection for your device during your commute or travel. The durable exteriors of Brenthaven iPad sleeves and cases add a second dimension of protection by helping to shield your devices from the elements. The Medina Collection and Collins Collection feature sleek and modern silhouettes coupled with superior scratch protection for your iPad. For the more active entrepreneur, the Collins Limited Edition Collection and BX² Collection are specifically designed for the working professional always on-the-go. For a more polished and refined iPad case, the Mercer Collection, Broadmore Collection and Elliot Collection are luxuriously appointed and optimally protective. Shop an assortment of custom-fit iPad sleeves, covers, folios, satchels and tech packs, all built to last and backed by the Brenthaven 100% Lifetime Guarantee.