BX2™ Sleeve I - White  

Price: $49.95



FITS: MacBook Air 13.3", Macbook Pro 13.3", MacBook Retina 13.3"

Other Sizes Available

The BX2™Sleeve is a low profile, highly protective solution for your MacBook. The patent-pending Secure Grip Handle System keeps your device stable when carrying. BX2™Xtreme Foam offers four-corner drop protection with soft bubble lining for scratch protection. 100% Lifetime Guarantee. 

Fits MacBook Air/Retina/Pro 13.3"


    • Fits MacBook Air/Retina/MacBook Pro 13.3"
    • Slim, low profile shape
    • White PU Leather exterior
    • Aqua blue anti-scratch bubble lining
    • Secure-Grip Handle System for ease of carrying
    • BX2™ Xtreme Foam four corner protection
    • 100% Lifetime Guarantee


Technical Specifications

  • Name: BX2™ Sleeve I - White
  • Model #: 2216
  • Weight: 0.6 lb.
  • External Dimensions: 14.375” W x 10.625” H x 1” D

The BX2 Protection system incorporates unique high performance foam that offers an extremely high degree of shock absorption and energy dispersion, providing unparalleled drop and impact protection.

BX2™ Sleeve I - White


Perfect Choice for Note Pro


I was looking for a case for my Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2. This case fits perfectly with the Logitech keyboard case. The secure grip makes it easy to carry to meetings I attend in various buildings on the campus. It easily fits in my Brenthaven backpack. The padding is great insuring my tablet is protected. It is the perfect choice for my Note Pro and since it is from Brenthaven I know it will last like all of the cases I have bought from Brenthaven.

Changing Habits


For my doctoral work and teaching, I have always lugged around my Broadmore Backpack full of books, papers and computer with peripherals. That served me for all the electronics, plugs, digital projector attachments, books, passports, etc. With Macs long battery life, I decided to venture out and see if I can manage with just a sleeve. I figure I can carry some of the necessary electronics separately. I have only had this for a week so this may still take a bit of getting used to.

As for design, it is sleek and fashionable. As I expect from Brenthaven, the materials and design are well thought out. It is built (see pictures) for your hand to slip in and your arm to protect it. I find myself already having a bad habit of grabbing the hand holder as a handle letting the computer fall free. It's just easier than taking the extra step to hold it correctly. I am also still experiencing the frustration of the conversion--I miss a place for books and realize I have a lot more accessories I like to have with me then I anticipated. So... I may need to find a better solution for my daily life.
Maybe a slimmer backpack will better suit my lifestyle? This is where shopping over the internet lets me down, but no matter. None of this is a reflection on the product and certainly not on Brenthaven, but on me, the ambivalent consumer.

For those wondering about purchasing this product, it is everything it is advertised and is certain to meet expectations. I give the product top stars. Brenthaven is one of the most reliable companies I know. Whether it is a good lifestyle choice for you and your valuable computer and data...I am still wrestling with my decision.

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