Expandable Trek Backpack- Titanium  

Price: $179.95



FITS: Macbook Pro 13.3", MacBook Pro 15.4"


The Expandable Trek Backpack for MacBook provides amazing storage space and versatility for the active, urban professional. This ergonomic backpack features multiple pockets and an expandability option that accommodates an additional 20% - this case supports all of your essential items for work and play. The front organizer pouch includes multiple pockets for your cell phone, pens, AC adaptor, etc.


Fits MacBook and MacBook Pro (up to 15.4")


    • Fits MacBooks up to 15.4"
    • High Density Foam protection system cradles your laptop from damage
    • Rugged 1680D Ballistic Nylon exterior
    • Expandability combination compartment allows for an additional 20% storage capacity
    • Recessed mp3 pocket and innovative headset pocket on the backside
    • Felt-lined quick-access pocket for sunglasses or other important items
    • Ergonomic padded pack straps and back panel distribute weight comfortably
    • 100% Lifetime Guarantee


Technical Specifications

  • Name: Expandable Trek Backpack- Titanium
  • Model #: 2071
  • Weight: 2.4 lb.
  • External Dimensions: 15.5" W x 19" H x 9" D (11" when expanded)
  • Internal Dimensions: 14.25" W x 11.25" H x 2.75" D

The High Density Foam Protection System offers a lightweight cradle system that wraps your laptop in padded foam while suspending it above the bottom of the case. Patent pending.

Expandable Trek BP
100% Lifetime Guarantee, Free Shipping*


The Last Backpack I Ever Had to Buy


I really love the Trek backpack although I may have a slightly older model now. Mine seems to have reflective fabric on it while the new one does not. It is a sturdy bag that I use for conferences, travel, workshops, school - everything. I've hauled books in it to computer equipment including a full sized projector. It's expandable, has many hidden pockets, very versatile. I highly recommend this bag and can't say enough about Brenthaven to others.

A step back from the previous Trek BP


A few years ago, I purchased one of the best back packs I've ever owned, the Expandable Trek BP. It's been with me through good times and bad, long hauls and quick trips. In short, It was my all-purpose, everyday, any-situation bag. Work trip? got enough room for all my tech AND clothes. Weekend getaway? got enough room for all my tech AND clothes. I loved ALL the pockets, even the most obscure ones were put to use (two vertical slots on the front, the small net pockets on the sides, etc.). Unfortunately, good times do come to an end, and my Trek has succumb to the test of time and wear. The shoulder straps have finally started to fray from carrying the weight equivalent of a small child for hours on end. Still even at it's poor condition, it was worth every penny.
I was happy to find out that Brenthaven had a lifetime guarantee. So I would not be without my pack for long. It was to my disappointment that the new BP was just a shell of what it used to be; though build quality is still exceptional and extremely functional. Less pockets (minus 6 from a quick count), and considerably smaller too. Hell, even the little reflectors in front are gone... To put it into perspective, I did research on the BP before I purchased it. If this "new" BP is what Brenthaven offered, I honestly would have gone to the competition. It were the details that made me fall in love with my first Trek in the first place. Here's how I see it now, the new version is an all-business, no-fuss type; while the old Trek would be a spontaneous, be-prepared-for-everything, bring-everything bag.

What a difference a great bag makes!


As a returning college student I cannot express how much I love my Trek Backpack! I assumed initially that this would be my school bag. How wrong I was. This is my everything bag. On a daily basis it provides the room and comfort to schlep around all the books and supplies a college student requires, plus my laptop, lunch and whatever I need for later. Living in Washington the weather is unpredictable at best, the expandable section allows me to fill my bag to the brim and then easily store my jacket during brief sunny periods. I find myself making this bag my go to travel companion as well, it has now been to multiple continents and countries with me as well as around the US, it is perfect as a carry-on on long flights and a wonderful weekend pack for quick jaunts. I am consistently surprised at just how comfortable it is when it weighs quite a bit full of books and electronics, once it is on it seems a fraction of the overall weight. I love surprising people pulling things out of the many varied pockets, just when they think my bag can't possibly be holding any more stuff out comes. Thank you Brenthaven for making my college experience a little more comfortable and organized.



I needed a dual purpose carry on that could go from overhead to in the field and the Expandable Trek Back Pack fit the bill! It has been a mainstay for bringing everything I need as a producer/ director working in the field on various television productions. From DSLR's, portable hard drives, adaptors, iPod and sunglasses... this has a place for everything and everything in its place. It has been with me to the far reaches of Ellesmere Island in the Arctic and from coast to coast in every situation imaginable. From motorcycle to snow sled, and from air to sea my 'portable office' has always provided outstanding protection for my Mac book and all the other 'stuff' we all need. I would give it a 10 out of 10. 4 years old and still works like a charm... in fact I think it's just getting broke in

Completely Blown Away


As a former winter mountaineer, I¹ve known and loved some great backpacks in my day. Of course, I never expected this kind of quality, purpose and attention to detail in a lowly computer backpack. I ordered the Expandable Trek pack as a multi function computer/carry-on/daypack, to replace an aging 10 year old Rakgear bag (I won¹t keep a bag I don¹t love.) I can tell you right now, I¹m looking forward to carrying this bag for a very very long time. The pictures do not do this bag justice! I¹ve looked at a ton of bags in the stores and none of them impressed me. Boy am I glad I heard about Brenthaven. It's the perfect size for an overnighter, a day hike and a carry-on bag. I couldn't be more pleased! Did I mention the super-super fast shipping, ordered it on Monday, had it on my back on Wednesday! Thank you Brenthaven!

Good for a Motor Cycle


I bought the backpack years ago driving on a daily basis from work to home on a naked motor cycle all weather. This MacBook case is extremely good and only lets a bit of water thru when you really
drive in a shower where even you're best motorcycle protection is soaked, even then the MacBook is protected. Also I totaled my motor cycle and this backpack saved my life by preventing me from rolling to the other lane. Even years after that it still functions 100%. The only negative i can find about Brenthaven is that they don't make the steel blue ones enough. The backpack still functions 100% but is a bit dirty riding for years through all seasons. Now I can wash it of course but the new ones have better features for my office needs so I'm trying to buy a new one but I want the blue one which I can't find anywhere. But I can say this, if you drive a motorcycle and need a Backpack BUY THIS ONE....The place for the notebook or Macbook protects you're back unlike other
backpacks where you can break you're back. After 5 years of driving in the wind not one tear...



So I bought this backpack in second grade and I am now in seventh. I love it so much I was looking on the Brenthaven website and I saw the trek and thought I would write a review. I was looking around and found a suggestions menu. I looked at my backpack trying to think of an idea but I couldn't. Its perfect. I take it camping to parks. It is in pretty good condition considering how much its been through. I highly recommend this.



I initially purchased a Expandable Trek backpack MacBook case in 2007 when I purchased a 15" Macbook Pro. It was offered as pretty much the only case you'd want for the Mac. I didn't think that much of it at the time of purchase, but it was perfect as time went on. The Mac was safely stowed in the MacBook case, and the arrangements of the pockets, and other doohickeys were clearly well thought out. I wore it to and from work 5 days a week. Usually on bus and subway, but often walking up to 4 miles at a time. After about 3 years of this, it started looking a bit worn. The stiff wire used to clip on the helmet net came out of their sleeves, and the padding/mesh at the bottom of the back had worn through from months of me walking around fully loaded. So, I wrote Brenthaven, and told them that their wonderful MacBook case was failing. So they sent me another one in 2010. Now I did expect them to send me a replacement, but the Trek they replaced it with had numerous improvements from the first one. The fabrics were tougher, panels were reinforced, and the stitching was better, all sorts of subtle improvements. About the only remaining improvement needed on the Trek from the one they sent me is the key ring. The little plastic clip that attaches to the rest of the MacBook case has a little ball joint that is just too flimsy to carry a keyring that has more than a couple of keys on it. Other than that this thing rocks. You wont be disappointed.

Amazed at the Difference


I am amazed at the difference in quality offered by this MacBook case. Obviously a lot of design and engineering thought went into it. I am 59 and have degenerative disc and joint disease. I wanted a backpack but did not think that I would be successful in finding one for my laptop that would allow me to carry weight without pain. I am able to do so with this MacBook case, plus the designers seem to have thought of everything without adding unneeded trivialities which only add weight . Thank you for a great product!

I'm extremely pleased with this backpack


I bought this backpack style MacBook case for a two week tour in Europe, my only bag. With the souvenirs it was a bit tight at the end of the trip, but performed flawlessly. I didn't want to leave my laptop in the hotel but carrying this MacBook case was all day comfortable. Not one complaint in that department. The front pocket is deep and I wish it had easier access.It's not hard to lose things in the bottom. On the bright side though, you won't be having things fall out from there. Overall, I'm extremely pleased with this backpack.

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