Metrolite BP  

Price: $119.95

FITS: Macbook Pro 13.3", MacBook Pro 15.4"


The MetroLite BP is perfect for the traveling professional who seeks functionality and style all in one.

Fits Laptops up to 15.6"


    • High Density Foam protection system keeps your laptop safe and secure.
    • Back slip pocket can unzip and be used as wheelie strap
    • Front organizer panel has multiple pockets for accessories and dedicated AC Adapter pocket
    • Combination compartment file organizer and multi-media storage section
    • Ergonomic padded pack straps and back panel distribute weight comfortably
    • Lifetime Guarantee

Technical Specifications

  • Name: Metrolite BP
  • Model #: 2255
  • Weight: 2.6 lb.
  • External Dimensions: 12.5" W x 18" H x 6.5 " D
  • Internal Dimensions: 9.75" W x 15.75" H x 1.5 " D
  • Questions & Answers

    Is the Metrolite Backpack weather proof or water repellant?

    Brenthaven MacBook cases are not waterproof.  While we use materials that are water repellant, we do not recommend carrying your case in the rain if at all possible.  We do, however, have several cases that feature a hidden rain-fly that can be pulled out when you find yourself near water!  If a water-proof case is important, we highly recommend our ProStyle SlimPack backpacks or our Trek Switch MB flap.


The High Density Foam Protection System offers a lightweight cradle system that wraps your laptop in padded foam while suspending it above the bottom of the case. Patent pending.

Metrolite BP
100% Lifetime Guarantee, Free Shipping*


A New Life Long Customer


I just want to say how impressed I was at your customer service policy. I purchased a backpack MacBook Case (Metrolite BP-XF), and I carry my laptop back and forth to work daily. The top handle ripped off and I sent it in for repair. You couldn't repair it and offered me a coupon for $150 to allow me to purchase the much higher end backpack more suitable for my use. I own a staffing firm in Washington DC and know how important it is to go above and beyond for your customer/client. Even I have never come across a company who's decision exceeded my expectations the way you have. I am used to paying for nice things as I used to have a Tumi, and that Tumi was very well made, very expensive and lasted me a long time. I purchased this bag from the Apple Store, not knowing much about the Brenthaven name. After this experience, I will always seek out your products first, not only that, just today, I have told 5 people in my inner circle what you have done for me and will continue to promote how great Brenthaven is to their customers.

Thanks for Continuing to Innovate


I really like the new slim design and quality of the finishings in the new Metrolite backpack MacBook case! Thanks for continuing to innovate and develop great products for those of us that travel the globe for work! I'm off to Brazil again and expect my new pack to make my life easier while traveling and working with tropical disease research.

Still Looks New


Years of abuse and weather. This Brenthaven Metrolite Backpack MacBook Case has outlasted three MacBooks. Great for motorcyclists year round. Still looks new and never fails.

It's Everything I Needed


In a country where people only write when they have something negative to say, I just wanted to express my extreme satisfaction in my Metrolite BP-XF. I think it is just great. I purchased it online because it was priced well. Just got it and given the price I was not expecting much. It is everything I needed. I was happy to realize that Brenthaven takes responsibility to the environment so serious as well. Thanks for helping a Dad look cool while he carries his office.

Excellent Bag for Mobile Students


This is my second Brenthaven MacBook case, my first being a now discontinued messenger bag MacBook case (it too was amazing). I got this one when I started having issues with the amount of stuff I would carry in my old messenger bag. This MacBook case has pockets for everything! I keep my MacBook Pro, my iPad, a few books, and 3 or 4 legal pads for notes, along with chargers for phone, laptop, etc...This is the best MacBook case ever. It's light enough, and keeps all my gear protected. I can't recommend highly enough, esp for college students on the go, easy access is very nice for all my items enclosed.

Zero-Impact on the Environment - Wonderful!


I couldn't find a suitable MacBook case for my MacBook Pro 17" - not even at the Mac stores themselves. There were so many options for smaller laptops, but barely any MacBook cases for the size I needed. A friend purchased the Metrolite for me as a gift and told me I would love it. Well he was right! I love this case for MacBook so much. It's light, functional, comfortable, and durable. (Well the straps ripped after much daily use, but Brenthaven assures me they will fix or replace this the moment I send the bag back in-but it's hard to part with even for a few days!). There's just the right number of zips and pockets to make sure you can carry your essentials without getting too cluttered. I fit my laptop, cords & chargers, phone, iPod, earpiece, wallet, keys, make-up, whatever files/paperwork I need for the day, sunglasses, and dog treats for my pup who comes with me to work. The bag is also sleek and fashionable for what it is - all black and streamlined. The straps can even unbuckle and be tucked away into a back pocket which gives it a super clean look when walking into meetings. There's padding in the back and in the straps which makes it comfortable to carry on long hauls. Inside the padded pocket where you put your laptop is an elastic strap so that if you lay the bag down and forget to zip it up your computer won't slide out -nice touch! The material used in this MacBook case is also great - a synthetic canvas that's easy to keep clean and seems to be waterproof enough (but that's easy to claim living in California). Great daily bag and well worth the money (especially since it's lifetime warranty!) Also, zero-impact on the environment -wonderful!

Easily the best backpack I've ever owned


I often have to cart two laptops - My MacBook Pro and a much heavier, bulkier work-issued Lenovo - back and forth to work and this backpack handles them perfectly and easily. It's sturdy enough that there's no wear and tear on the seams despite the weight involved and both laptops are well protected. There's plenty of room for my peripherals and it's comfortable to wear on long walks. Highly, highly recommended. Especially for the money.

Best Backpack, Full Featured


I have a 15" Macbook Pro Retina Display and a Macbook Air 13". I have a Tumi large computer backpack but wanted a lighter weight option with all the similar features of the Tumi bag for airport travel efficiency. I meticulously researched all Brenthaven backpacks. Best of all, it is extremely lightweight, while not compromising how well-padded the compartments are for my computer, iPad and accessories. Only features missing: waterproof attachment (like my Lowepro camera bag) and an external water bottle pocket, but I understand it was a design compromise that keeps this bag super light. What good is a bag if it's too heavy to carry around comfortably? I give it 5 Stars.



This is simply the ideal traveling backpack, one of the best products I have ever bought. I use it for travel and every day to go to and from work carrying my 11" inch Air, as well as lots of other related paraphernalia. Air fits nicely and is well protected, though the pocket will hold a larger laptop. Lots of places to store things in the front pockets, and there is a larger pocket for other items like a newspaper (remember those?), magazines, a book or two, etc. Plus there is a sleeve in the back that you can use to slide the backpack over the handle of your carry on if that's what you need to do. Sturdy construction, and, unlike some other bags and packs I have had, it doesn't fall over when you put it on the ground, so packing is facilitated. Once in a while you hit a home run; this backpack has been a home run for me.

Absolutely Fantastic


I have owned this backpack for over 4 years. I travel frequently and the comfort level is excellent, even when the backpack is crammed with stuff. The second thing I love about it is the ease of removing the laptop from the bag when it is under the seat in front of me on a plane. Position of the pockets, capacity, and durability have been great. If you don't like his product your medication needs to be adjusted!

Best Guarantee in the Industry!


So... I got my first MacBook Pro and considering the investment I wasn't willing to compromise on the MacBook case that I was going to be carrying this thing around in. I've had my Metrolite BP-XF for a little over a week and I have to say I am more than satisfied. One of the best attributes is its size. It is so much slimmer than my Targus that houses my old laptop... I used to feel like I was heading up Mt Everest with that pack. With the Metrolite MacBook Case I actually forget that I am wearing it most of the time. It's light and extremely comfortable, this is especially important if you are going to be commuting. I love the design the look and the quality of the material feels so much more expensive than the price would suggest. On that note this pack retails for around the same price as the Targus that I purchased ten years ago. If you couldn't tell already I highly recommend this MacBook Pro case to anyone who is looking for the utmost protection for their MacBook Pro and is concerned about comfort and ergonomics. Don't hesitate to provide your MacBook Pro with the best protection while on the go as well as the best guarantee in the industry!

This is the bag you want


The Metrolite BP-XF MacBook case actually fits the 15.4 inch Macbook Pro. (Little snug, but well worth it). For airport travel domestic and overseas, this is the MacBook case you want. Enough room for a MBP, and a Kindle, with room for all the other junk you need to have when you travel, this MacBook case also fits nicely under the seat or in the overhead with no fuss. The upright means you can get into it easily when it is between your legs in a cramped coach seat on a Regional Jet. (Which is what I liked). All in all, probably one of the best travel tools I have had in a LONG time.

Excellent Bag


I normally don't take time to write reviews about any of my purchases, but this MacBook case is so great that I wanted to post a 5 star review. Pockets for everything I carry. Durable, yet compact and lightweight. I've been through 4 airports since I bought it, and being able to unzip it for the x-ray machine has saved a lot of time and hassle. You won't regret buying this MacBook case.

Computer Protection is Rock Solid


The Brenthaven Metrolite BP-XF (Black/Gray) is by far the best designed backpack MacBook case on the market based on my research. The computer protection is rock solid and no additional MacBook sleeve is needed. The compartments are well thought out and zips function very smoothly. It is easy to carry on the back and the x-ray friendly features take the chore out of going through security. On the negative side, space is a bit limited if one likes to stuff a lot of reading materials. An expansion slot, for heavy load days, would have been a good additional feature. Overall very happy to own this MacBook case which combines features, laptop protection, looks and value for money very well.

Two Thumbs- Way Up


I give Brenthaven two thumbs up -- way up, for there outstanding MacBook cases. I purchased a Brenthaven backpack bag for my 17" Powerbook Pro laptop about 7 years ago. Since then I have literally taken it around the world into some very unforgiving environments--all the way constantly using it. Except for a smashed zipper handle (which happened in the Australian outback), the MacBook case is in virtually perfect condition. In a world where products seem to be made with less and less quality, it is exceptionally refreshing to experience something that truly lasts. Thanks Brenthaven for an absolutely outstanding MacBook case.

I am extremely Pleased With This Product


I am extremely pleased with this MacBook case. Brenthaven designed a bag that is comfortable, with great function, style and durability. I use this bag daily lugging my laptop and business material, walking the city all day I don't feel the weight of the cargo, it's properly balanced with good padding on the back and thick shoulder straps. The design is well thought out, nothing hangs from the bag that can snag, the zippers are large and easy to use. The amount and size of the pockets are accurate for day use and airline carry-on. Going through airport security is a breeze. I can easily take the MacBook case off in a crowd and unzip to lay flat in the storage bucket; I don't take my laptop out of bag. On the backside there is kangaroo pocket to store the shoulder straps, which again makes it easy to carry in large crowds without the worry of snagging. I receive compliments from colleagues and fashion conscious friends for same reasons. The bag does its job without attracting attention to itself. Even though I use it daily in all weather the case looks good and functions as the day I got it. I am reassured that Brenthaven offers a lifetime warranty and is dedicated to creating zero impact MacBook cases.

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