ProStyle™ Backpack  

Price: $179.95

FITS: MacBook Pro 15.4", 17.0"


The ProStyle™ BP is an ergonomic and protective solution for the traveling professional. It features a custom fit for MacBooks 15.4" - 17" in our High Density Foam protection system.

Fits MacBooks up to 17"


    • Custom fit for your MacBook 15.4"-17"
    • High Density Foam protection system cradles your laptop from damage
    • Rugged 1680D Ballistic Nylon that will keep your laptop bag looking good for years to come
    • Ergonomic padded pack straps and back panel distribute weight comfortably
    • Combination compartment file organizer and multi-media storage section
    • Front organizer panel has multiple pockets for accessories and dedicated AC Adapter pocket
    • Lifetime Guarantee

Technical Specifications

  • Name: ProStyle™ Backpack
  • Model #: 2095
  • Weight: 3.5 lb.
  • External Dimensions: 14" W x 21" H x 6.5" D
  • Internal Dimensions: 11.25" W x 16.75" H x 1.5"

The High Density Foam Protection System offers a lightweight cradle system that wraps your laptop in padded foam while suspending it above the bottom of the case. Patent pending.

ProStyle™ BP
100% Lifetime Guarantee, Free Shipping*


Not One Tear, Rip, or Defect


I have been meaning to drop you a note about my experience with your product. I bought a Brenthaven ProStyle Backpack six years ago. I use this backpack everyday for work. I'm a road warrior and this pack has seen a lot of use. It had been around the world (literally) three times. The most air mileage it has seen was just short of 200K in one year. After all that, there is not one tear, rip, or defect to the pack at all. If that is not a testament of high quality to which this pack is made, I don't know what else is. Thank you for making such a great product.

A Warranty That Works! Who Would Have Thought?


Nothing in this world is for a lifetime, is it? Apparently some things are. The zipper broke on my Brenthaven ProStyle MacBook Backpack. I sent a few pictures via email and thought to myself, here come the questions. How did it happen? What did you hit? You were obviously using it wrong! How about none of the above! I received a nice email telling me sorry for the inconvenience, and your new MacBook case is in the mail!

Great Bag, Even Better Service


I just wanted to comment on Brenthaven's customer service and products. I have had their their Triload XF for over 3 years and have used it exclusively while traveling almost every week. The bag has taken all the abuse that has been thrown at it - jammed under seats, overhead bins, dropped multiple times and thrown on the ground. Unfortunately it developed a small rip near the zipper and when I contacted Brenthaven support they reviewed the picture and offered to replace it at no charge. I decided to switch to a backpack and they sent me the Prostyle BP-XF. All I can say is this bag is
incredible. It is a bit larger than I expected, but am pleased because it has plenty of storage. When I was shopping for a bag I considered TUMI and in the end went with Brenthaven since a few coworkers have them and they couldn't say anything negative about them. It was 1/3 of the price of the TUMI and I must say I am glad I did. Brenthaven's lifetime warranty and products are
incredible. I will continue recommending their bags to everyone that comments.

Never Go Anywhere Without It


Cisco had bought a bunch of the Metro Lite Backpacks a few years ago, and the one I had finally got eaten by all of the travel. So I got another one, but I wanted a little larger, and with a better grab handle for slinging up into the overhead and under the seat. I had compared and actually looked at a TUMI backpack, but it didn't have the same ergonomics as the BP XF when I looked at it. Now, 2 years later, I cannot imagine any other bag. I have traveled everywhere with it, and it has never been seen as less then fully professional and very well equipped. I keep my iPad, MBP, chargers, backup drive and backup battery pack in it and still have room for other stuff. Absolutely the most comfortable carry bag I have ever used.

Amazing Quality- Amazing Customer Service


I purchased a used Brenthaven backpack 6 years ago and it was amazing, it took years before I started to see signs of wear and it was already used when I got it. I obviously purchased another one, not even because I needed to but more because I appreciated the updated features. and loved the old one so much. The new one had a problem with a piece of the shoulder strap fabric coming off and when I contacted customer service they replaced it immediately with an updated version and I was able to donate the old one. I wouldn't trust my laptop case to another company. I'm looking for excuses to buy more Brenthaven products.

Buyer for Life


I have had my Prostyle BP-XF for about a year and a half. I love it as it keeps my Macbook Pro safe and is very comfortable to wear for long sessions. It has been thoroughly used, so much that the seem on one of the shoulder straps is coming a part. One email and two days later a response from Brenthaven telling me they are sending me a new backpack. Unbelievable customer service. I will be a buyer for life.



This is ridiculous! Brenthaven has created a laptop bag that just isn't breaking. I purchased a previous generation of this backpack in the summer of 2003. That's almost a decade ago. And since then I've drug my laptop in it all across the globe--from New Zealand to Alaska. This laptop case been through mud, rain, ice, fallen off buses and been run over. And I'm not exaggerating. Not only did it protect my laptop very well, but I still use it today! It's a little worn around the edges, but still is as rugged and functional as the day I bought it. I'm very impressed. I would have gone through at least 5 packs of the cheaper stuff--and probably had my laptop destroyed for all the abuse I drug it through. Honestly, it makes me happy to know that there are still companies who really care about making a product to truly last!



I had a problem with the zipper on my MacBook Case. They sent me another one without any hassle at all. Brenthaven is wonderful and has earned my business for life.

Premier MacBook case for business travelers


I received the MacBook case and your follow-up call and I am 100% pleased with this quick and efficient turnaround. What an outstanding job and customer service. I will continue to promote Brenthaven as the premier MacBook case for business travelers. Thanks again and job well done.

2 Wheel Accidents


I bought my Brenthaven backpack MacBook case back in 03/04 to protect my brand new G4 Powerbook 17". Back then I rode a vintage Vespa to and from work from the outside of Denver to downtown. One day going about 50mph I hit sand downtown and went down hard. I slide on the backpack for about 20ft. I wrecked my knees pretty bad but my laptop survived without incident and I still can operate this laptop to this day. Now living in Northwest Ohio and being part of a well know chopper shop I commute everyday on my chop and I still use that same Brenthaven MacBook case to house my newer Macbook Pro 17" when commuting. While waiting to turn into my drive way I was hit from behind by a motorist who was not paying attention. Needless to say I did not escape without injury and ended up with a broken nose, broken back and broken ribs. This time the Macbook didn't escape without a injury. The screen was shattered and the frame is pretty bent up. Oddly enough when hooked up to an external monitor it still functions. The MacBook case has a couple of freys and a small rip but other than that it still works! All the external hard drives I had in it still work and I was able to save all my data. On top of that I attribute the backpack as helping to soften the blow to my back. The Dr. said the MacBook case most likely stopped my injuries from being much worse, well that and the Macbook Pro. When I have the money I will be buying a new Brenthaven backpack MacBook case for my commutes!

Awesome bag


I love this backpack and the perfect upgrade from my previous Brenthaven MacBook Pro case. Extremely well made product and a perfect fit for the Macbook Pro. I also own the Victorinox Architecture™ 2.0 Big Ben which is too large and the side entry doesn't zip all the way to the bottom. The Victorinox zipper placement results in a difficult entry and it scratches your Macbook, so I prefer this backpack Macbook case.

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