ProStyle™ Slim Pack BLK/WHT  

Price: $89.95

FITS: MB Pro 13.3", 14", MB Pro 15.4", 15.6"


Our thinnest backpack ever, the ProStyle™ SlimPack offers legendary Brenthaven protection in a flap-over design.

Fits laptops up to 15.6"


  • Fits laptops up to 15.6"
  • High Density Foam Protection System 
  • Durable water resistant external shell 
  • Easy access zip-down organization panel  
  • Stash pockets for phone and other items 
  • Slim design with side entry laptop compartment
  • Features stowable rainfly
  • Lifetime Guarantee

Technical Specifications

  • Name: ProStyle™ Slim Pack BLK/WHT
  • Model #: 2244
  • Weight: 2.2 lb.
  • External Dimensions: 12.5" W x 18" H x 3" D
  • Internal Dimensions: 9.5" W x 15.5" H x 1.25" D
  • Questions & Answers

    There is a small zipper on the interior of the flap that seems to be missing a zipper pull, is this a mistake? 
    No, this is not a mistake. This zipper is meant for embroidery access, and does not include a zipper pull intentionally.


The High Density Foam Protection System offers a lightweight cradle system that wraps your laptop in padded foam while suspending it above the bottom of the case. Patent pending.

ProStyle™ Slim Pack


Unbelievable Customer Service and Quality


I had my Prostyle SlimPack for about a year, during which it received practically daily use. And, it also went on countless trips with me. In the entire year I had it, it never stopped looking brand new. It was as if it had just come off the shelf, and it was rare when someone didn't complement the bag. Of course, I always gave it rave reviews. To my dismay, the first sign of aging came in the form of a broken zipper. The best computer bag I'd ever had was broken. I went to the website to see what I could do, and it was then that I noticed that the MacBook cases had a lifetime warranty. I wrote an email, and sent pictures of the damage, and literally within a few hours, customer service got back to me with the promise of a replacement bag. I couldn't believe the service and attention to detail. I was before, but now more than ever, I am a life-long customer.

Slim, compact and fashion forward


This slim backpack is awesome for my laptop and some essentials, I can place my wallet, glasses on the front pouch and its easy to carry without being bulky. It goes well with suits. I love the interior fabric and understated stitching outside - a very subtle yet classy statement. Love the rain poncho inside it and the easy to clean outer material. Its a good buy and I am planning on getting the bigger pack for my overseas trips.

I'm a Brenthaven convert for sure


Dear Brenthaven folks, I recently bought a Slimpack for my macpro and macair. Just wanted to email about how fantastic the bag is. It is so well made, so instinctive to the needs of the user, comfortable etc... The product videos online really help too. I look forward to a day when/if you produce a Mac bag combined with use for Digital SLR photography and filmmaking. As those two items often have to travel together. Anyway, I'm a Brenthaven convert for sure, and for life.

I really love this SlimPack Backpack


I really love this SlimPack Backpack. I'm looking forward to taking it on an upcoming trip to NYC - it is really well made, as well as attractive, with the red trim on the black, and I feel my laptop will be very well protected. My 15.6" Toshiba Satellite fits quite comfortably, and there are enough pockets to carry the things I use with my laptop. The pockets will be holding my wireless mouse, my AC adaptor, my small laptop speaker Logitech Laptop Speaker Z205, and a mousepad. I could probably also fit a magazine for the flight in one of the many well-protected pockets.

I own another backpack which cost around the same amount, and compared to this backpack, it seems quite cumbersome. I also don't feel it protects my laptop nearly as much as this well cushioned Brenthaven backpack does.

At first I wasn't sure what the raincover was, and I don't think I'll ever be needing that, but it may come in handy for other people - it's a nice little touch that I doubt you'll find in many backpacks. I also wish it had a shoulder strap, but the backpack is light and fits snugly on the shoulder, so that's not really a big deal, either.

I don't travel a lot with my laptop, but when I do, I want to feel that it's well protected, and this backpack does the job, while still staying quite slim, and not bulky or cumbersome.

I think it would be an excellent choice for students, or other people who carry their laptops frequently - the quality for the money can't be beat, and it seems it would wear very well.

So, if you're looking for good, comfortable, and attractive protection in a laptop backpack, I highly recommend the Brenthaven SlimPack!

5 Stars


I usually carry a messenger bag with my laptop in it, but this is extremely comfortable and protects my laptop well. The shoulder straps are extremely comfortable, and it has extra pockets for slim books or magazines. I wish it had a separate shoulder strap, if you don't want to wear as a backpack, but it is a backpack made for protecting a laptop, and for that it gets 5 stars. Its very classy looking in my opinion as well!

This bag will be my personal favorite


This Prostyle Slim Pack fits optimally with my MacBook Pro 15". I can also wear it securely on my motorbike, all the zippers are safe and I can close it additionally at the front. With the side-opened pocket I have easy access to my laptop at airport security. The haptics of your used high-grade materials are nearly perfect. In addition with little weight and the great foam protection, it is a superior travel companion. None of the other vendors creates such bags, neither Crumpler, nor EastPak, Hama, Deuter. This bag will be my personal favorite one for all situations.

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