Triload II Shoulder Case  

Price: $99.95

FITS: MB Pro 13.3", 14", MB Pro 15.4"

Other Sizes Available

The Brenthaven Triload II Shoulder Case is the perfect solution for the professional. Designed exclusively for your laptop up to 15.4", the Triload II is protective, lightweight and provides plenty of space for your day to day essentials.

Fits laptops up to 15.4"


    • Fits laptops up to 15.4"
    • High Density Foam protection system cradles your laptop from damage
    • Ergonomic padded shoulder strap and handle that distributes weight comfortably
    • Front organizer panel has multiple pockets for accessories and dedicated AC adaptor pocket
    • Combination compartmenthas file organizer and multi-media storage pockets
    • Rugged 1680D Ballistic Nylon that will keep your laptop bag looking good for years to come
    • Durable hardware, stress point reinforcements and coated oversized zippers
    • Wheelie strap for attaching case to standard wheeled luggage
    • Lifetime Guarantee


Technical Specifications

  • Name: Triload II Shoulder Case
  • Model #: 2330
  • Weight: 3.71 lb.
  • External Dimensions: 17.5" W x 13.5" H x 4.75 " D
  • Internal Dimensions: 15" W x 11" H x 1.5" D
  • Questions & Answers

    Does this case have a removeable sleeve like the older Brenthaven cases designed for macbook pros?

    The Triload II does not have a removable sleeve.  However the shoulder case itself does feature a custom fit pocket for your MacBook or MacBook Pro.  The separate laptop compartment has 4 sides of foam to help safeguard your laptop from damage.


The High Density Foam Protection System offers a lightweight cradle system that wraps your laptop in padded foam while suspending it above the bottom of the case. Patent pending.

Triload II


12 years, 5 laptops, 500k miles - Case Looks Brand New


I have had the Brenthaven Tri Load for a little over 12 years. The case is incredibly well built and shows only minor signs of wear. The "D rings" and the zippers have some of the black paint chipping off; otherwise, the bag looks practically brand new. There are no loose threads, torn seams or abrasions on the nylon fabric. When I travel overseas, the case carries a 14" laptop, an iPad, Kindle, business papers, magazines, laptop adaptor, various chargers, laptop security cable, camera, world phone, iPhone, pens, pencils, sunglasses, medicine, contact lenses, etc. The case holds
everything and has numerous pockets to help organize items. The case can get heavy when fully packed. Fortunately, the case has a "wheelie" strap to secure the case to the handle of my rolling suitcase, thus alleviating a lot of the weight. I did break the shoulder strap on the computer case after 10 years of use. Brenthaven replaced the strap quickly and with no issues.

I Believe in the Product


I’ve been racking my brains over which computer bag would be the best for me. I travel, make presentations, have an expensive new computer as well as the associated gadgetry. Among the bags I seriously considered are Booq- one of the most pricey but definitely the MOST stylish & well built, Brenthaven, of which all the reviews I’ve read are excellent, BBP- a smaller company with some compelling products, as well as many others. In the end I chose Brenthaven. It’s well designed, well crafted- though I would have made all the zippers the same, as 2 are not the tough type. It’s VERY well padded, and professional in appearance. Has a pocket dedicated to separated documents- a nice touch. There’s a pass through for rolling bags so it can sit on top of the bag, leaving the other hand free. It has a padded iPod pocket built in. One of the most important things is that it comes with a lifetime guarantee. To me, this means that the company makes a lifelong commitment to every buyer and that’s priceless.
I believe in the product; not from reviews and/or testimonials, but from owning many bags, and seeing where this bag improves performance, where others simply didn’t.

Keeps it nice and safe.


This is a great case with nice big zippers, as well as a lot of pockets for your stuff. Dedicated pockets for your charger as well as one that a 2.5″ HDD fits into for a Time Machine backup drive. :) The place where the laptop goes has extra padding just for the computer. Keeps it nice and safe. If you are willing to spend 3 grand on a notebook, don’t be cheap and buy a good case for it.

You Won't Be Disappointed


I have been a lover of Brenthaven bags for a long time. They are expensive compared to the competition, but their stitch, zipper, and materials quality makes that worthwhile.I have carried my last 3 laptops in Brenthaven bags and love them. I gave my first bag to my dad who has been useing it for 4 laptops now and it still looks new. My newest bag was purchased because I did not need the big bag from my Thinkpad for my new MacBook Pro… otherwise the old bag would still be in service.This bag is awesome and serves my MacBook Pro very well. Great storage and enough extra storage fo the stuff you “need” to carry with a laptop. You won’t be disappointed.



This is by far the best laptop case I have ever owned. My first case was a Swiss Army and it held up pretty good but started to wear after a year and a half. I then decided to buy the Marware Sporfolio but it ONLY fit my MacBook Pro (without the Incase sleeve) so I read the reviews for this case and decided to buy it. I have loved it ever since. It has a compartment for just about everything that came with my computer (it even has a special padded compartment for your iPod) and protects everything extremely well (most importantly my MBP WITH the Incase sleeve). Would recommend this case to anyone who wants to protect their prized investment.

Comfort Meets Function


I had a really expensive leather bag that was a real drag to carry. It also had way to many pockets that really took up more space than needed. After reading the reviews online, I decided to give this bag a try. WOW! Once I put my macbook pro, charger, leather binder, folder etc. I could not believe the difference. The only thing I could compare it to is like buying a brand new pair of really comfortable shoes. And the best part of all is being able to carry everything I need to get things done on the go.

I can't recommend this case highly enough


It has great storage: many pockets with all kinds of sizes of sub-pockets, for storing everything from pens and memory sticks to mice, spare batteries external drives. I also carry a Wacom tablet (plus mouse and pen), Apple wireless keyboard, camera, iPod and many chargers, cables, etc. plus documents in the outer pocket and STILL have room. I can't recommend this case highly enough

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