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Medina Tote Laptop Backpack

Medina Tote Backpack

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model 2334


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  • Fits laptops up to 15.4 inches


  • Soft, durable two-tone twill exterior
  • Genuine Napa leather trim
  • Padded tablet and 15-inch laptop pockets
  • Zippered front organization panel
  • Tuck-away straps and durable handles to convert from backpack to tote
  • Integrated power supply pockets for in-bag charging
  • Individual tracking number
  • 100% Lifetime Guarantee


  • Polyester
  • Leather


  • 2.63 lbs
  • 17.50″H × 12.00″W × 6.50″D
Medina Collection

HDF™ Protection System

The patent-pending HDF™ Protection System is a lightweight cradle system that wraps devices in a layer of high density foam and suspends devices in a u-shaped cradle within the bag or sleeve. Brenthaven designers observed that devices are most vulnerable to damage when they come in contact with floors, tables, or other hard surfaces while being set down or accidentally dropped. The HDF™ Protection System solves for that vulnerability by enveloping the device in padded foam and creating as much space as possible between the device and the bottom of the bag or sleeve.


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May 22, 2015

Best Professional Backpack

This backpack is really well made, with thick material and string stitching. I'm always looking for ways to hold all my stuff that looks professional, has personality, isn't too masculine and is healthy for my shoulders and back, and the Medina backpack truly has it all. It's even convenient for setting down, because it stands on its flat bottom nicely, but also is easy to pick back up because of the top handles. The best part about this bag are the padded pockets and integrated power supply pocket. It’s the perfect commuter bag because I can slip in my MacBook Pro Retina without worry of scratches AND keep my iPad charging at the same time. Thank you Brenthaven!