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Velo Bike Laptop Backpack

Velo Backpack

2 reviews
model 6104


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  • Fits laptops up to 16 inches


  • Built in safety light with replaceable battery compartment
  • Bomber, water-shedding 1000D Nylon fabric
  • Expandable pocket adds 20% additional space
  • Protective laptop compartment with H20 proof zipper
  • Ergonomic shoulder and sternum strap system
  • 100% Lifetime Guarantee


  • Nylon


  • 3.80 lbs
  • 20.00″H × 13.50″W × 5.00″D
Velo Collection

HDF™ Protection System

The Brenthaven patent-pending HDF™ Protection System uses a lightweight cradle system and a layer of high density foam to create both physical distance and protective padding between the device and the exterior of the bag or case, minimizing device vulnerability in the event of a drop.


Rate and Review the Velo Backpack

by (Guest)

May 9, 2016

Amazing! Not without stuff to get used to though

When I first started using this bag is was good, and then it slowly got better. The location of the pockets and geometry of the bag is hard to get used to, and the zippers sacrifice easy/quick-pullability for water resistance, which I think is valuable, and imho totally fine. There is a rear small pocket that seems bottomless (holds a lot), the laptop sleeve is perfect and easily fits thin notebooks that I'm always using, and the hood thing is elastic and sometimes holds itself closed without the need of the clip. There is a pocket in this hood too and it is a little hard to easily access due to the aforementioned elastic and the stiffness/support of the back around the laptop sleeve. But I've learned to use this for things that I don't get to as often, and thus its ok for me that it is a little harder to reach as I don't mind the extra effort. And Brenthaven as a whole, wow. A zipper broke in the hood-pocket, I think because it was so hard to pull at a weird angle, and they replaced the entire bag in-store in Seattle. This left me with the old one.... identical expect for a broken zipper that I don't even like to use.

by (Guest)

April 13, 2016

There's Good...and then there's Brenthaven!

i have been a loyal customer since i purchased the Expandable Backpack about 6 years ago. Initially when it was time to shop for another bag, I immediately though about Brenthaven. Their quality customer service and attention to detail on their products are superb. You guys are too good to me, THanks for all you do.