TSA Friendly Cases

For more information, please visit TSA laptop case procedures.

Make airport security a breeze with a Brenthaven TSA Friendly Laptop Case

The TSA recently released guidelines for check-point friendly and TSA-friendly cases. The Brenthaven X-Ray Friendly collection allows you to leave your laptop in its case while passing through security.

Fits Macbook Air 11"
Fits MacBook Air/MacBook Pro 13"
Fits Macbook 15.4"
Fits MacBook 15.4"
Fits MacBook Pro 15.4"

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Fits Laptops up to 17"

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Fits Laptops up to 15.4"

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Fits Laptops up to 15.6"

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Fits Laptops up to 17"

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Fits MacBook 15.4"

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Fits Laptop 17"

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Fits Most Laptops up to 15.4"

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Fits Most Laptops up to 15.4"

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Brenthaven’s TSA Friendly Collection

The TSA Friendly Brenthaven cases are the ideal travel accessory for the modern business commuter. Customized especially for the traveling professional, our TSA Friendly bags provide convenience, style, and top of the line protection for your mobile technology.

The TSA friendly cases feature our signature butterfly design, which allows you to move quickly through airport security without ever removing your laptop from the case.  Simply unzip the middle of the case and lay flat when passing through the X-Ray machine. Brenthaven’s TSA Friendly bags include cases of all styles, from sleeves and shoulder cases to backpacks and wheeled cases. Find your perfect TSA friendly accessory for any sized laptop ranging from MacBook Air 11” and tablets, to 17” laptops.

TSA Friendly Sleeves

According to TSA all All Brenthaven sleeves are considered Checkpoint Friendly Cases. The thin design allows for the laptop to pass through security while remaining in the case. As long as the X-Ray machine has a clear view of the laptop with no obstructions, there should be no need to remove your laptop from the sleeve.

We offer many styles of TSA friendly sleeves in different sizes, colors, and material options. Brenthaven’s Ecco-prene sleeves are made of a neoprene-like material called Ariaprene, which is recyclable, and toluene free. These sustainable sleeves are both eco and TSA friendly! The Ecco-prene sleeves are lightweight and flexible while still providing excellent corner and scratch protection.


In addition to our environmentally sound Ecco-prene sleeves, we also feature a TSA friendly sleeve option as part of our ProStyle Collection. ProStyle™ Sleeves offer a durable ballistic nylon sleeve option with faux fur liner and convenient EZ-Grip™ handle to protect against unnecessary drops. Just slip your hand through the EZ-Grip™ handle on the backside of the TSA friendly sleeve to ensure a firm grasp and easy carrying solution. These TSA Friendly Sleeves are ideal for fitting inside larger cases to double your protection, or stand alone as a lightweight protection option. For smaller sized laptops (11”, 12”, 13”) Brenthaven’s X-Ray Friendly™ sleeves provide extra padding and a snugger fit inside cases designed for larger sized laptops.

Brenthaven's Checkpoint Friendly Shoulder Cases

Brenthaven’s TSA friendly Shoulder Cases are extra durable and made to last. The exterior is sturdy ballistic nylon and a padded custom fit laptop compartment provides unparalleled protection. Make carrying comfort a priority with our cushioned shoulder straps and dual-road handles. Brenthaven’s TSA friendly shoulder cases butterfly open, unzipping in the middle to lie flat during airport security. Our Checkpoint Friendly cases also feature flat straps along the backside of the case that enable the shoulder case to slip over the handle of a wheeled case providing an easy carrying solution for multiple cases. Out TSA friendly shoulder cases are custom fit for 15” and 17” laptops, however smaller sizes will fit as well.

TSA Friendly Backpacks

Brenthaven offers two TSA Friendly backpack options. Our our ProStyleTM Backpack-XF and our MetroLite BP-XF
Our TSA Friendly ProStyle™ BP combines Brenthaven’s useful butterfly feature with the carrying comfort of a backpack. The durable ballistic nylon exterior provides long lasting laptop protection with the comfort of the backpack design. Frequent travelers will be pleased by both the ergonomic comfort provided with the padded shoulder straps as well as the X-Ray FriendlyTM design that makes airport security a breeze.
Slimmer and more streamlined than the ProStyle BP-XF, our MetroLite BP is ideal for day trips and business commutes. The stylish form features plenty of extra storage for all the essentials as well as custom fit MacBook and AC adaptor compartments. Like all our TSA friendly cases the MetroLite BP is designed to make checkpoints at airports even easier. Carry multiple cases in one with the useful wheelie strap on the back of the backpack allowing you to slide the bag onto the handle of a TSA friendly wheeled case. 

Wheeled Cases that are Checkpoint Friendly

The TSA Friendly Wheeled Cases by Brenthaven combine our protection with extra space for storing overnight belongings. The ProStyleTM Wheeled Case feature the largest carrying capacity out of any of our TSA Friendly bags.  This line offers a dedicated laptop compartment featuring our signature High Density Foam protection system. Our HDFTM protection systemoffers a lightweight cradle system that wraps the notebook in up to 1” of foam while suspending it above the bottom of the case.

The TSA Friendly Wheeled Cases by Brenthaven are available in multiple sizes and custom fit for either 15" or 17" laptops. Like our other Checkpoint friendly cases, these TSA friendly wheeled cases unzip to butterfly open and lay flat when passing through the X-Ray machine at airports.

Feel confident that your laptop is safe; the rugged 1680D Ballistic nylon exterior and padded interior ensure the best protection possible. The Brenthaven ProStyle wheeled cases feature intelligent storage compartments perfect for travel accessories as well as large capacity multi-use pockets.

These TSA Friendly bags work wonderfully in conjunction with a Brenthaven check-point friendly shoulder case with the use of the telescoping handle and back wheelie strap. Simply slide the shoulder case onto the telescoping handle of the wheeled case using the back wheelie strap and easily carry two cases in one.

Our TSA friendly cases range in price from $29.95 to $199.95 with free shipping on all X-Ray FriendlyTM Cases over $50.00. Like all Brenthaven products our TSA bags come with our legendary no questions asked Lifetime Guarantee and warranty. Our TSA friendly cases are engineered to endure, designed using the finest quality materials and construction techniques. We stand behind our products; should you ever encounter issues with your TSA Friendly Case, our customer service team is more than happy to solve the problem and ensure your satisfaction.

Please note, while these TSA Friendly Cases have been approved for airport security, TSA officials may still require laptop removal under certain circumstances.

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