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Bx2 Pro Camera Backpack
DSLR Camera Cases

BX²™ Pro Camera Backpack

model 1708
Rear-access laptop pocket fits laptops up to 17 inches


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Rear-access laptop pocket fits laptops up to 17 inches


  • 5.30 lbs
  • 19.00″H × 13.00″W × 8.50″D


  • Polyester
  • Sophisticated strap system includes padded waist strap, adjustable sternum strap and load-stabilizing shoulder straps
  • Front compartment with iPad pocket and organization panel
  • Center mount tripod attach with removable strap
  • Side-access to main compartment allows for quick removal of DSLR with battery grip and large lens (70-200mm) attached
  • Adjustable and removable internal dividers in main compartment for flexible storage
  • Optional fold-away strap system in main compartment secures a second camera body with grip or spare storage when not in use
  • Zippered side pockets for lens caps and other small accessories
  • Large capacity side water bottle pocket
  • Compact flash card storage
  • Compact flash card storage
  • Stow-away weather cover provides full coverage protection
  • Retractable cleaning cloth removes for washing
  • Tethered LED light for low light conditions
  • YKK zippers
  • Highly durable water-resistant body material
  • Durable water and abrasion resistant bottom
  • Plush lining protects camera gear from scratches
  • Lightweight design
  • BX²™ Xtreme Foam absorbs and disperses energy away from camera gear in the event of impact

Product Description

The Brenthaven BX²™ Pro Camera Collection was designed in collaboration with professional photographers. The BX²™ Pro Camera Backpack is a medium capacity bag that combines unmatched protection with innovative features for camera gear and accessories, making it the perfect bag for outdoor photographers. BX²™ Pro camera bags are the best choice for professionals who expect ultimate protection and ease of use, backed by a 100% Lifetime Guarantee.


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BX²™ Pro Camera Backpack

by (Guest)

June 24, 2015

A great traveling and event day-of pack

I am a wedding photographer that also goes hiking and camping to get landscape/nature shots. I've had the Lowepro bacpacks & slings, Tamrac backpack, used my wife's Kelly Moore bag once and awhile, and tried many other options. In my findings of online and in stores, this was the best bag out there for a photographer with a 'one bag only' mind set. It was't widely known yet, so I took a chance on it. (for a sub 200 price tag, it definitely couldn't hurt) Pros: -It's backing is large (tall) enough to just go to my hip so that I can distribute weight off my shoulders when I need it. -The side access is rare to have in a full camera bag, but it has it, and can have my 70-200 with attached body in and out without taking the entire bag off and unzipping the entire main compartment. -My tripod is pretty large with a video head, and it is still able to be put in the strap and holder to let my hands worry about the camera. -The sternum and waist strap are a must have. (note: the waist strap is designed in a way that makes you think that it's tangled up on the right side... it's not.) The strap is a very durable almost seat belt like material that holds very well. -Being able to set the bag down and knowing it stands up by itself comes in handy a lot more than I thought it would. - It hasn't fallen over yet. -It can hold a TON of gear. I do photography and videography, so at times I need to bring audio, lighting, and two cameras with lenses to accommodate... it holds it! It's heavy, but it's in there. (my wife went to Hawaii to do a photoshoot trip, and at times at up to four camera bodies and lenses in at one time - they said it was perfect. WITH a laptop and iPad) -The spot to hold my business cards has been great - I use it all the time. -Having traveling in mind, being able to bring my laptop and iPad along with in the compartments set up for it is amazing. They're well protected, and sometimes I forget that they're even in the bag the weight distribution is so good. (other bags that make the laptop sleeve as a part of the flap that you open to access your gear are terrible. Stay away from those) -The foam padding Brenthaven brags about is in there. It's something I just trust does the job, and nothing has happened to make me think otherwise. -Shoulder straps are perfect. Ultimately, you're going to feel the weight on your body at some point or another. The awesome thing about this bag is being able to change the weight distribution as I go about my sessions. Loosen two straps and tighten two others, and you're feeling a whole lot better. -Quality top handle -Love the large spot on the other side of the bag to have an adequately sized water bottle when I'm using it on nature shoots. Cons: -The memory card spot where the side access is could be better. I find it a little awkward at time how I have to unzip where the camera is, then unzip one more time to get to them. Then, all of that movement typically means the cards are not in the netting provided. So, I usually make sure that I put the cards in a plastic casing to give them a little more bulk and protection in that spot. -Something I really like about the Tamrac bags is that they have a clear plastic for where the zipper compartments are around the bag so that I can know exactly where everything is in a glance. It's not a knock on this bags set up or quality, just a preference that makes life a little easier. -The camera body holder in the inside top is really not that handy. If it was in the same area, but on the side, and able to be tightened more to assure a snug fit - I'd probably use it a lot more. I've had the bag for a year now, and it's held up very well to what I've thrown at it. Quality is great rocking the YKK zippers, and all the nylon material and padding you can move around. Definitely would recommend.



Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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