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Innovative Technology

Innovative Technology

BX2™ Xtreme Foam Drop Test

Patented CORE™ Protection

The CORE™ Protection System uses a combination of rigid coroplast, patented bowed inserts, and fully-surrounding high density foam to accommodate and snugly protect laptops from impact.

HDF™ Protection System

The Brenthaven patent-pending HDF™ Protection System uses a lightweight cradle system and a layer of high density foam to create both physical distance and protective padding between the device and the exterior of the bag or case, minimizing device vulnerability in the event of a drop.


Patent-pending Grip-Tech™ Suction Technology enables Brenthaven to design highly protective sleeves that create a secure, unobstructed work-in experience for many compatible laptops.

Crumple Zone Corner Protection

Patent-pending Crumple Zone Corners use a unique internal structure and contoured shape to create maximum shock absorption in the corners of the case, shielding the most vulnerable areas of any device from impact.