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Entrepreneur Unplugged

David Niu
October 15, 2015 | Entrepreneur Unplugged

David Niu is a passionate serial entrepreneur, angel investor, and Founder of TINYhr. Learn about what made David decided to take a “careecation” and sell everything, buy a one-way tickets to New Zealand for his wife, infant daughter and himself.


What is Entrepreneur Unplugged?

Brenthaven seeks to "design and build innovative, high quality cases that provide peace of mind for the entrepreneur's digital lifestyle". The company put this mission into motion in Seattle, using the Flagship Retail Store as a platform for local entrepreneurs to come engage with the community and share their stories of entrepreneurship. Since the inception of this idea nearly two years ago, many great, local entrepreneurs have participated, from Dan Price, CEO of Gravity Payments, to Jane Park, Founder and CEO of Julep. These inspiring sessions continue quarterly.

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