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BX²™ Exo Case for iPhone 5/5s

6 reviews
model 1581

Normally $29.95

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  • Fits iPhone 5/5s


  • Push release kickstand for horizontal and vertical viewing orientations
  • Rubber touch surfaces for comfortable grip
  • Minimalist sculpted form reveals the iPhone 5 and offers complete corner protection
  • Comes with custom-fit screen protector
  • Made from 50% post-industrial recycled plastic
  • BX²™ Xtreme Foam protection
  • 100% Lifetime Guarantee


  • Molded
  • Polyurethane


  • 0.10 lbs
  • 5.78″H × 3.80″W × 0.63″D
BX2 Collection

BX2™ Xtreme Foam

The BX2™ Xtreme Foam Protection System offers an extremely high degree of shock absorption and energy dispersion, providing unparalleled drop and impact protection.


Rate and Review the BX²™ Exo Case for iPhone 5/5s

by Richard (Guest)

July 12, 2013

Superb Design and Function

I take very good care of my products and I only like to buy accessories that don't take anything away from it (in terms of form, functionality, or design); I regard the iPhone 5 as a piece of art and I expect my accessories to accent that. I'm constantly searching for the best case for my iPhone and I believe my search has ended with this case. If you're the meat and potato type (+1 for Minnesota), the quick details are as follows: this is a sturdy case that protects the vitals while still giving you the naked feeling of your iPhone. Now if you're like me, continue reading for the plethora of spices added to that bland excuse of a meal.

I only recently discovered the Brenthaven brand, and I really wish I had done so much, much sooner. Being brought to their page while searching for a new camera bag, I came across their iPhone cases and immediately liked what I saw. Why no one has thought to produce a case that only snaps to the four corners is beyond me, it's a genius idea! The case is held firmly to the iPhone but it still leaves 95% of the edges untouched. I couldn't believe how good this case felt because of that. Even the "bulkiest" part of the case on the backside is rounded and contoured to perfection to better fit in the palm of my hand.

The stand is just that; I don't believe it was meant to be used while typing as it a bit wobbly. Light finger-browsing webpages or whichever social media outlet you fancy works just fine while the stand supports the iPhone upright, but not so much while in landscape mode. This stand was a HUGE purchasing decision for me, as I like to watch videos often in landscape mode and this stand provides me with the perfect viewing angle.

The material is the common matte-finished, slightly grippy rubber that will sit on a pair of jeans without sliding off. The corners where the case gently grips the iPhone stick out a millimeter or two, so you can safely place your iPhone screen down and not worry about scratches. There is rubber/foam placed in key areas where the case comes in contact with the iPhone. I am extremely careful with my phone and I hope to never test out it's ability to survive in this case. That being said, I'd say this case would have no problem protecting your phone from the pretty standard stand-up-too-quickly iPhone drops.

All together, this case has been phenomenal. Doing everything I need it to do while keeping the slimness of my iPhone intact. I've received many compliments and questions already while using the case, and I'm more than happy to tell them about this wonderful case and brand. Well done, Brenthaven, you've pulled in a long time customer!

by Brandon (Guest)

February 20, 2013

This Case Did Its Job!

I ordered the new EXO iPhone 5 case because I love the minimalist design. It lets you feel the phone itself while offering protection. It quickly proved itself. One day I was at the post office. When I leaned over to pull mail out of the post office box, my phone slipped out of my pocket and fell at least 18-24 inches onto the concrete floor. I thought it must surely have broken, but I picked it up and...all was well. Later, though, I noticed that the inside corner of the case was chipped in the impact. This tells me the case did its job by absorbing the energy of the drop, while protecting the phone. Now, I can say that I'm more of a fan than ever!

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