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ProStyle™ SlimPack

10 reviews
model 2244


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  • Fits laptops up to 15 inches


  • Easy access zip-down organization panel
  • Stash pockets for phone and other items
  • Slim design with side entry laptop compartment
  • Features storable rainfly
  • Durable water resistant external shell
  • High Density Foam Protection System
  • 100% Lifetime Guarantee


  • Polyurethane
  • Nylon
  • Leather


  • 2.20 lbs
  • 18.00″H × 12.50″W × 3.00″D
ProStyle Collection

HDF™ Protection System

The patent-pending HDF™ Protection System is a lightweight cradle system that wraps devices in a layer of high density foam and suspends devices in a u-shaped cradle within the bag or sleeve. Brenthaven designers observed that devices are most vulnerable to damage when they come in contact with floors, tables, or other hard surfaces while being set down or accidentally dropped. The HDF™ Protection System solves for that vulnerability by enveloping the device in padded foam and creating as much space as possible between the device and the bottom of the bag or sleeve.


Rate and Review the ProStyle™ SlimPack

by Louis (Guest)

June 11, 2014

Nice Work!

Thank you so much for another fabulous Brenthaven experience. This is the second MacBook case I've ordered through you guys while I've been in Australia. The SlimPack MacBook case arrived today. Super quick service and a top quality MacBook Case each time - delighted. Cannot commend you guys highly enough! Nice work.

by Joseph (Guest)

May 28, 2014

Protection & Customer Service

Once upon a time I had a generic laptop backpack. One busy day it decided to do flip over a desk's edge while my MacBook Pro was inside. The backpack landed top first on the floor and that flip ended up costing around 900 euros in repair costs... Since then I've made sure my laptop travels in a bag with good protection. I've looked at many different options but it seems a Brenthaven is always a sure choice! I've had HDF and CORE, both very good at keeping the laptop safe and very convenient to use.

Last Friday I wrote to Brenthaven about minor trouble with the elastic bit on the chest strap and difficulties in cleaning a broken desiccant gel pack from the laptop compartment of my 3-year-old Brenthaven. This Wednesday I have a brand new replacement on my back! And I live overseas in Finland! If I was a dedicated customer before, now I'm a total fanboy! Very fast and polite customer service, total commitment to their promises and now even better looking new designs. I recommend!

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